vendredi 27 janvier 2017

Get Started with Angular 2 using VisualStudio 2015 TypeScript ASP.NET Core

Why AngularJs 2.0 :

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The first question is : what's new in Angular 2 ? or the difference between current version and the last one ?

We start by a simple answer : nothing ! Oh Really !
Angular 2 is a complete rewrite of the previous one, all previous versions are based on JavaScript but the current version is entirely based upon TypeScript ( and ECMAScript 6 specification ( .
But why this rewrite ?
If we say ReactJs and EmberJs  we answer theses are excellent JS libraries as competitor for Angular.
Angular 2 is a new approach, easy to write and readable syntax so more sample than the previous versions especially for developer that used it and was face many problems and breaking changes in code syntax or in the way of thinking and designing a client application.
Angular 2 give the developer the toolbox needed to build reactive, cross-platform web-based apps.

During this trainning we will discover Angular 2 using VisualStudio 2015 TypeScript ASP.NET Core.
1- Prerequisites

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