jeudi 16 février 2017

I'm Junior, I have a project from scratch, Advice ?

Students in the end of their studies have to do a project from scratch, sometimes, for financial problems, companies choose a Junior developer to build some solutions from Scratch, for a junior with small experience, this will be a big challenge !
So, tell me please, how can I proceed ?
I have a specification, list of functionalities, maybe some mock-ups maybe not ! The domain is clear, but how can I start ? How can I engine things ? How can I estimate the duration of my work ?
Some developers start coding, designing Database and they finish by being blocked because there is no strategy.
This is my advice dear developers and students, if I was a teacher, I start by doing brainstorming, this is a case study, and I ask my students how they are able to start !
The first think to choose is your architecture : is it MVC, 3-tier, NLayered, MVP, MVVP.... and this depend from the project !
The second think is that we should follow Design principles in our project like Simplicity, Modular Design, Tolerance, Test of Independent Invention, ....
And we finish by choosing the correct Design Pattern ! (Prototype, Singleton, ....)
Independently of the language to choose, this can be applied for any projects !
And before starting your development, please, choose the right methodology, I prefer Agile methodology : Scrum because you are able to stay in touch and produce / change every sprint, and your project will involve incrementally.
And before doing your conception and your sprint backlog, list of functionalities, read this ebook related to SOLID principles :
These principles, when used appropriately, can improve the encapsulation and coupling of your application, making it more malleable and testable in the face of changing requirements.

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