lundi 16 octobre 2017

Xamarin.Forms UI: Pages, Layouts and Views Screen

The page is the primary container, in our sample it’s a ContentPage.
Inside the Page we will add a Layout, in the sample we use StackLayout, and inside the StackLayout we will add the view that is a list of Controls, in this sample we used: a Label, an Entry (Input text) and a Button.
1-      The “Page” can be:

1-      The “Layout” can be :
2-      The “View” is a list of controls can be :
-          Label
-          Image
-          Button
-          BoxView
-          List: to build selectable list: ListView
-          Text Entry: it can be: Entry (Text string) or Editor
-          Selection: where the user can the choice of a range of fields :
o Picker
o DatePicker
o TimePicker
o Stepper
o Slider
o Switch
-          User Feedback: to notify the user of app processing status
o ActivityIndicator
o ProgressBar.

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