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[16 May 2016 ] Microsoft Releases ASP.NET Core RC2

ASP.NET Core RC2 is available today with a lot of change comparing to ASP.NET 5 RC1, numerous improvements , with the updates allowing greater compatibility with more .NET frameworks.
“The release contains the RC2 of the .NET Core runtime and libraries. These libraries are everything that ends up in your ‘bin’ folder when you deploy an application. The tooling included (command-line tools, project tools, and Visual Studio tools) has been declared as a preview 1 release. This change allows those developers who are comfortable with using the runtime to move forward with their projects while the ASP.NET Core tools are completed.”
Microsoft declare that this new version if different from the last one, for example, in last version (RC1) a ASP.NET application that hosts libraries was run by DNX toolchain to execute Startup.cs, but now in the new version (RC2) the code wil be in a, allowing a single .NET toolchain to be used for ASP.NET Core apps and ASP.NET Hosting libraries.
As of RC2 an ASP.NET Core application is a .NET Core Console application that calls into ASP.NET specific libraries. What this means for ASP.NET Core apps is that the code that used to live in the ASP.NET Hosting libraries and automatically run your startup.cs now lives inside a Program.cs. This alignment means that a single .NET toolchain can be used for both .NET Core Console applications and ASP.NET Core applications. It also means that customers have more obvious control over the code that hosts and runs their ASP.NET Core app
IIS support is also integrated into ASP.NET Core RC2, a web server that uses ASP.NET Core Module to configure deploying and hosting applications. Microsoft confirm that RC2 will be rolled out to support Azure Web Applications, with that feature arriving next week.
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  1. I am very happy because of the availability of ASP.NET core RC2. This release succeeds the ASP.NET 5 RC1 release and features a number of updates to enhance compatibility with other. .NET Core RC2 can be used with a variety of editors and integrated development environments. It’s a major update from the November RC1 release, including new APIs, performance and reliability improvements and a new set of tools. I am using hosting service from "myasp(dot)net" and planning to upgrade it.